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Judging from the number you have hanging around you have a much larger nest in your house somewhere. Bees come in all colors, shapes and sizes from the large carpenter bees to the tiny Perdita minima. Apidae: Apidae is the largest family of bees, and it includes both species native to Maryland as well as non-native species like the honey bee.

Andrenidae: Andrenid bees are also known as miner bees, which, as their name suggests, nest in tunnels underground. Over 4,000 species of native bees can be found in the United States along with hundreds of non-native bees like the honey bee. During the winter, you can take your box down and place it in an area like a shed to protect the larvae from the elements.

Avoid wearing strong-scented colognes or perfumes which attract bees as well as bright, floral prints.

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