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I trained a ferret in the ways of ninjitsu and sent him down the tunnels with some tiny shuriken I made for him.
One old timer with way too much time on his hands told me he liked to take his fishing pole and make a little noose and put it around the end of the hole and lightly cover it with dirt, then hed sit in his chair a distance away and when the little prick would pop up his head he would jerk the pole essentially noosing his neck, I guess it was funny as shit with the little bastard running around and him realing him in to stomp him.
Moles dont eat many grubs, earthworms are what they're after, so dont waste Your time or money with the grub killer, even if the home depot guy swears by it. Poison worms are worthless, the moles actually bury them or isolate that part of the tunnel.

Exaust gas works to some extent and will kill a mole but the problem is two weeks later his nieghbor will take over his tunnels. This but I have a friend help and one mans the garden hose and the other get ready with the nine iron, you can hit one of those little shits really far. Anyway, over the last 3 seasons with Me not there, it has gone to hell with about 40% of it covered with mole tunnels and a fawkin underground Gopher city. After watching Bill Murray in Caddyshack 3 times, I believe the Gopher has left for greener pastures.

I need some success storys, tricks or techniqes to send these little bastards to mole Valhalla. I spread about 30 pounds out and tried to herd them out of My lawn 1 section at a time, like the instructions say to do, the moles dont seem to mind it.

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