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Ladybugs live in a wide variety of habitats including forests, grasslands, fields, gardens, and in some cases peoples houses. When you see a ladybug with faded spots you can tell it's older because as it gets older their spots begin to fade.*They have more names then just 'ladybug'. Because of their eating habits they are very much welcome in gardens because they eat all of the pests that kill the other growing things.

Underneath the elytra wings the ladybug has smaller more fragile wings that are so small that you can see through them. Like most other insects ladybugs that live in more temperate regions enter diapause during the winter season.Just as they are the predators of aphids, mealy bugs and mites they too have predators.
The reasoning of them having faded spots is because the older the ladybug gets the lighter their spots appear.

When they sense attack they either act dead or they send out a strong chemical that takes bad to the predator, making them not want go any further with disturbing them.

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