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If some flies still manage to enter your premises, then there is a second layer of protection that can be used. They housefly is most common in the months of July and August as flies lay eggs that quickly hatch, becoming maggots and eventually flies. Although, using toxic chemicals in your home is never a good idea but sometime one has to resort to it, especially when the above mentioned techniques prove incapable of keep a swarm of flies out of your home. Flies are attracted to ultraviolet rays among other things so a source of UV rays can be put inside the trap and it would act as bait.
This can be accomplished by putting full strength household bleach into a spray bottle and spraying your cans both inside and out. This piece of screen will serve as a cone which allows the flies to enter and have a difficult time getting out.

Yes, flies can still escape but the majority of them will not figure this out.Load Trap With BaitIf you want to catch a lot of flies then you will need a piece of meat that smells really bad. Place a healthy serving of meet or poo into the Mason jar; place the screen inside while overlapping the edge of the jar, and screw the lid ring down.
Once assembled, you are ready to catch some flies.Catch Those Flies!Position your fly catcher in a nice sunny location that is far away from your home. By the end of the day you should have at least 100 flies if not hundreds.How to Kill the FliesEach evening, you will want to kill the captured flies so that the can not eventually escape.
Of course the obvious way of doing this is to spray an insecticide inside the jar but there is an easier solution. It is a good idea to wait a while because flies can come back to life even after being under water for several minutes.This was only a small portion of the flies that I captured in one dayReset Trap and RepeatOnce the flies have been soaking for a while, remove the jar and dump the water out.

Chicken, Beef, or Fish attract flies wellEnsure that flies are not laying eggs in your trap. The idea is to keep the population down, not completely eliminate itInstead of killing the flies, see if you can find someone who has a pet lizard or similar reptile that eats flies.

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