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Lurking somewhere in the deep, dark, cob-webby, forlorn reaches of my brain, I seemed to recall a simple remedy for gnat control. Two of the casualties in our war against gnatsDuring my in-depth research into this topic, I found all kinds of references to elaborate traps. Anyone who has undergone the irritating presence of gnats in the house will appreciate efficient pest control methods. This means that apart from their usual food source like the garbage cans, which you probably change regularly as part of your gnat eradication routine, your house plants may just be the perfect place for them to perch. If you already have a gnat infestation that you are unable to shake off, then you may have to resort to chemical control methods. Implementing good hygienic practices around your home on a consistent basis is the key to eliminating your gnat invasion. HAVE CLEANED, MADE SURE NOTHING WAS LEFT OUT, FLY SWATTER, GARBAGE OUT EVERY NIGHT, DISPOSAL CLEANED AND HOPEFULLY NO MORE PESKY GNATS!

Many people know that gnats are attracted to any source of food, but what most do not know is that they are also attracted to warm, moist places. These plants which are well sheltered from the harsh conditions outside serve the purpose of harboring gnats. My original hypothesis of surface area being king was solidly backed up by the sheer number of gnats that perished by way of the plate and soapy water. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when our house was suddenly taken over by what seemed like countless, highly aggressive gnats, often inaccurately referred to as fruit flys. Unfortunately for gnats, they lose that super-power when you break the surface tension of the water with a few drops of dish soap. In the two identical glasses it did appear the gnats were more attracted to the soapy vinegar than the soapy water. One of a family of insects that includes flies and mosquitoes, gnats are tiny flies sometimes called blackflies or midges.Although many people think that gnats are baby flies, they are actually really small adult flies, often fruit flies.

But when there’s no reasonable way to escort them outside, the gloves were coming off. I had a contrary hypothesis; the more surface area you have, the more likely a gnat is going to fly into it and get trapped.
As well as being the cause of much annoyance, these little critters can also be biting gnats, causing irritation to humans and pets alike. Since the whole point is getting the gnat to land in the liquid, I say more surface area is better. Then, sit back like the ruthless, booby-trapping gnat-assassin you are, and start counting the bodies.

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