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German roaches around the house can be a great hindrance as they are experts in spoiling food. Commonly used for household laundry purposes, borax (salt of boric acid) can be deadly for the roaches.
Although catnip does not kill cockroaches, it can certainly work to keep these insects away from your house.
When your house, particularly the kitchen or bathroom has high levels of filth, it serves like an open invitation to German roaches. Unrefrigerated food should be stored in airtight roach-proof containers such as glass jars. In case you notice that none of the home remedies work and observe that roach infestation is recurring frequently, seeking professional help is a must. Mix baking soda and granulated sugar in equal parts and place this 'killer combo' in areas where roaches thrive.

When the roaches ingest this chemical powder, it can severely disrupt their digestive system, causing instant death. Combine water and rubbing alcohol and spray it in cockroach habitat areas to kill these pests. If your kitchen is not clean, then no matter what method you use to eliminate German roaches, they will continue to resurface in your house.
However, ideally speaking, food should be refrigerated as German roaches do not prefer to access areas of cold storage. Call a licensed pest control expert who will spray your house with insecticides that are specifically formulated to kill German roaches. Although cockroaches (also known as roaches) look terribly ugly, they are known for their fastidious nature.
Within 3 to 4 days, you will notice a sharp decline in their population and after 2 weeks there would be complete absence of roaches.

It is advised to mix sugar with borax in equal amounts as this killer combination acts like a bait for German roaches. Among the different species of cockroaches, the German roaches are the most common type of roaches found in the American households.
Here are some tips to prevent German roaches from residing in your house.Make sure your kitchen is not littered with food scraps. A repeated application of borax may be necessary for complete elimination of German roaches.

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