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Also called swarmers, Flying ants have (well maintained) thin-waist, two pairs of wings with front wings larger than hind wings. They love to mate during monsoons and female partners discard their wings and male ants die after mating. To prevent flying ant infestation and to get rid of them if already infested ,following are some of the tried and tested methods.
Natural and non-poisonous sprays do not endanger your and your family’s health .You can prepare effective sprays at home in following ways.

If you have a good luck on your side and are successful in finding a probable colony , its time to attack and kill them .
Pour hot boiling water over the ant hill to quench them .Some of the flying ants will definitely try to escape this attack so be prepared to save yourself from their bites by fully covering your body. How rid ants - lifehacker, You won't kill every ant in your yard (nor would you want to!), but spraying will eliminate most of them and stop the annoying mounds.
Although their life cycle is very short but in case the situation becomes too severe , it becomes necessary to get rid of flying ants by hook or crook!

You can use this spray to get rid of flying ants without any apprehension of health issues.
Fill any available aerosol bottle with this solution and you are ready to fire these  flying ants , dehydrating them with your home made dish-soap spray .

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