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The homeowner was using a space heater, a hair dryer, and a heat gun to try and kill the bed bugs inside his home when he accidentally set fire on the second floor. Bed bugs are small insects that are well known for causing a major nuisance to home owners, the bugs feed off the blood of their victims causing the person to start itching, the bed bugs themselves can rarely be seen by the naked eye due to how tiny they are.
A study was released in April discussing new and better ways at controlling and combatting bed bugs.
In the case of this homeowner, one can be rest assured, even with the house fire, that his bed bug problem remains the same. I've have seen these bugs in my home and on the living room wall and bathroom wall and a few crawling on us.
As anyone who has been the victim of bed bug infestation will tell you, getting rid of these little blood-sucking vampires is just as difficult to deal with as the actual thought of these horrific bugs crawling all over your body and in your bed while you sleep at night, sucking your blood out for their own sustenance. If possible, bag up anything you cannot wash with an airtight seal and put it outside (if you live somewhere that temperatures are freezing, somewhere in the snow, or if not, put it somewhere that may expose them to heat but will not damage the bag or the item you have inside it; you are trying to cut off their air supply and kill them with extreme temperature).
Make sure no bed sheet or comforter ever touches the floor or you will still get bitten and have to wash everything all over again.
Make sure you never put something that was sitting on the floor on the bed if you don't want to wash everything again. Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth into and onto any cracks, holes, openings, or anywhere else that is dry that you feel may be the entry point for the bed bugs invading your home.
Kill any you see on contact and be prepared to deal with blood stains on your bedding, so you may want to change it.
Calling an exterminator, sleeping with the light on, putting baby oil on after applying alcohol, tying your hair back, saturating bed legs with petroleum jelly or tea tree oil are a few ideas. If you must bomb, Hot Shots has a fairly non-toxic bomb that uses primarily diatomaceous earth and only requires you to let it sit for 2 hours before opening the windows and letting it vent for about 15 minutes.

Bed bugs feed at night so it may be easier to hunt for them in the dark with a flash light.
If the bedbugs keep on coming out of the same mattress, throw it out because it's not safe. Plastic, seal-able mattress cover(s), if you can afford to do so that is; air-tight is what we're looking for so that we can cut off the bugs' air supplies, and contain the ones that are already present so that they may no longer continue their vampiric rampage. Burn a little amount of sulfur and give its smoke in your household, but for this it is important you keep your empty house empty and send everyone outside.
One can also use Neem leaves and its water to spray around the house or put Neem leaves on the bed to avoid these bugs. Try these simple and cost effective tips, because even the strongest fumigation cannot kill these bed bugs.
Though there are ways of getting rid of beg bugs, such as calling the local exterminator, getting rid of the small bugs is difficult in many cases, with the bed bugs returning soon after. That is, move it away from the wall(s) so that there is no direct contact between your bed and said wall(s) (and therefore, no longer an easy route to your sweet, succulent blood).
The cups have two rings inside; the bug climbs into the outer ring, which is coated in a fine dust (don't inhale it) and becomes stuck there permanently, unable to grip on to the slippery sides to climb into the second ring where the leg of your bed is standing. Diatomaceous earth is an ingredient in most of the bombs aimed at bed bugs; the shards of the shell (or powder) are microscopically sharp and puncture the thin, waxy, exoskeletons of these night-feeding demons, causing them to dehydrate and die, our eventual goal in all of this. In fact, the small blood stains left as a result of rolling over and killing them is often what makes a lot of people realize they have a bed bug infestation in the first place. This is to remove any dead bugs laying around and just as another precautionary measure in case there were still some eggs or baby blood-suckers that made it through the initial phase of cleaning. You can't wash these in the laundry machine, so wrap them up with a protector that has a bed bug-proof zipper that will seal any existing bed bugs inside and prevent any new ones from crawling in.

They will really come out then and it will be easy to come in and either kill them by hand or grab some of the alcohol (use a more concentrated version this time) or the direct aerosol bed bug spray and hit them with it. On a warm, sunny day, bring all of the drawers and items from your closet, sofas and bed, comforters, pillows, rugs and drapes etc in your back yard, for 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight. No matter how many insecticides and other chemicals you use, these bugs are now immune to them and they continuously grow on a daily basis. Close all the doors and windows so that the smoke can stay in for a while and kill all the bugs. Cover the bed in the mattress cover (if you have one), and if your bed is on a frame or raised from the ground in some other fashion and can handle petroleum jelly on its surface, cover the legs of your frame with the petroleum jelly; these insects cannot fly and therefore must crawl to whatever height they reach.
Shake the bottle well and then spray on your furniture, bed corners and other places where bugs are present. Bed bugs are an epidemic, and they prefer any environment that houses a warm, living body for them to feed on, including your pets. Although bedbugs don't carry disease, and for most people the bites are unnoticeable, for some they itch, and itch, and itch. It is made with the intention of being used in a bedroom so it is really one of the safer bombs to use period. Bed bugs do like to hide in piles of laundry and (surprise) your bed, bed-skirt, and box spring.

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