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In previous years, bed bugs have occasionally plagued delegates from both political conventions; with guests at a number of hotels encountering them. Given the resurgence in bed bug infestations in recent years, it’s perhaps no surprise that large gatherings, like these famous political conventions, often fall victim to bed bugs. Finally, remember to check your clothes and luggage before stepping back in through your front door, and wash everything you can in high heat to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Just like some people view the presidential election as the opportunity to evict the current White House resident, you can do the same to bed bugs BEFORE they create an infestation in your home. It should be no surprise that those infested with bed bugs often experience insomnia, anxiety and even psychosomatic skin problems long after bed bugs have been eliminated. But when it comes to dealing with the post-bed bug trauma, there are a few positive steps you can take to help restore your sanity.
Likewise, our ClimbUp Interceptor is placed under the legs of your bed, and traps bed bugs as they climb up or down your bed frame.
If all signs seem to suggest you have got rid of bed bugs, but you’re still experiencing insomnia, anxiety and other bed bug related psychological trauma, you might want to discuss the issue with your doctor. This is why an increasing number of tenants are forgoing reporting bed bug infestations completely – and are instead tackling the problem themselves, using mail order bed bug killing products. But one thing to remember about taking the approach is that it’s not only your family and home facing a bed bug infestation. We agree with her advice – and would add that a thorough spritz with some of our bed bug killing products is a great way to reduce your risk of bringing bed bugs home with second-hand furniture.
Check before you buy – examine upholstered furniture for signs of bed bugs, especially around the legs and underneath.
Spray with bed bug killer – our 100% organic bed bug killing spray immobilizes┬ábed bugs on contact, and kills them shortly afterward. Hoarders are no more likely to be infested with bed bugs – but will have considerably more problems getting rid of them. Bed bugs are the ultimate in equal-opportunity parasites – they will quite happily infest both clean and untidy homes and houses alike. To be truly effective, homeowners need to clean and treat every inch of their home – including carpets, bedding, clothes and skirting boards.

Which is why hoarders might not be more likely than anybody else to get a bed bug infestation, but they’re much more likely to be unable to get rid of them. Our advice to anybody trying to help a hoarder deal with bed bugs is to be thorough – and realize that you might need to deal with more than just bed bugs to end the problem. Exterminators use tools like synthetic pesticides that are being proven ineffective at eliminating bed bugs. Instead, arm yourself with all-natural 100% organic bed bug killing products and take charge of eliminating bed bugs yourself.
Dozens of senior citizens found themselves on the street, last week – when the Paraclete Manor in Kansas City, MO was forced to evict their elderly residents to spray for bed bugs. This is just the most recent case of bed bugs infesting senior citizen homes – and revealing that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to bed bugs. Like hotels and hostels, they often have a significant migration of people in and out of the residence – and some of the early warning signs of a bed bug infestation, like bites on the skin, often go unnoticed.
As we mentioned in this bed bug alert, a global resurgence in bed bugs occurred in 2000, at the time of the Sydney Olympic Games. This technology is becoming increasingly sought after by hotel chains and other hospitality sights as they’re faced with millions of dollars worth of lawsuits from customers who claim that they picked up bed bugs while staying with them.
Another valuable use of this technology is to track the efficiency of a bed bug extermination. To us, the fact that this technology is being eagerly researched is further proof that professional exterminators are struggling to remain effective in the battle against bed bugs.
Officials are concerned that bed bugs could be spread far and wide at the 2012 London Olympic Games. It’s a little known fact, but the 2000 bed bug epidemic in Sydney, Australia, most likely began at the Olympic Games. Thousands of athletes and hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world gathered in shared hotel rooms, packed commuter trains and over-flowing sports stadiums and the reported case of bed bug infestations exploded as a result.
This means bed bugs are easier to spread, quicker to breed and infinitely tougher to get rid of. If you’re one of them, we recommend reading out guide to avoiding bed bugs while traveling.

Bed bugs, after all, drink blood and the way ticks infect people with Lyme disease is through blood feeding as well. Tell-tale signs include the bugs themselves, their eggs, or black spots which could be bed bug feces. Although you won’t be able to deliver a thorough treatment, spraying with our bed bug killing spray is a good way to reduce your risk of infestation.
Perhaps the smartest way to helping prevent them bringing bed bugs into your home is to use our bed bug early detection system to spot when you have a problem before it becomes an infestation.
Although traumatic and upsetting, the silver lining of a bed bug infestation is that sometimes it serves as the motivation a Compulsive Hoarder needs to seek the treatment they need. Firstly, researchers now believe that bed bugs can spread potentially deadly diseases, which senior citizens are more vulnerable to. Now experts are using the latest technology to see how far they can track bed bugs to their point of origin. Rather than figuring out how to prevent bed bugs, the smart money is being invested preparing for the inevitable clean up, afterward.
Even more importantly, they need to take precautions as soon as they return home to make sure any British bed bugs looking for a green card are deported (or just eliminated) instead.
You’ll find some valuable advice there about how to prevent bed bugs in hotels and other travel locations. This mimics the hiding spots that bed bugs love best, and allows you to know with certainty if you actually have bed bugs back in your home. Sharing beds, swapping rooms and the sheer number of guests confined to a small location creates the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs.

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