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CONVENIENT RESIDUAL BED BUG KILLER SPRAY PT Phantom II is quickly becoming one of the top choices for bed bug treatment given its excellent success rate and its convenient, ready-to-use aerosol form. Phantom Aerosol has quickly become one of the most popular bed bug aerosols on the market with a great residual proven to kill bed bugs even after fully dry. Like the Bedlam and JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus that we carry, Phantom is a residual insecticide that kills bed bugs for several weeks after being applied.

We suggest a total of 3 applications every 10 days along cracks, crevices, baseboards, below and behind furniture as well as other areas where bed bugs may be hiding or cross over. Phantom Insecticide’s active chemical is Chlorfenapyr, which affects the cells of the bed bug inhibiting the ability of their cells to absorb energy. Phantom is not a repellant meaning bed bugs are not deterred from crossing over the insecticide.

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