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Spiders twerking: Video of dances male black widow spiders perform to avoid being eaten by females.
Male Black Widow Spiders Must Twerk or Become DinnerWhen your mate is twice your size, a special dance is in order. According to new research on the phenomenon, the females don't mind the home-wrecking, as it allows them to avoid harassment from males and focus on motherhood. Intact webs attracted three times as many spiders over the course of several hours than did webs that had already been partially sabotaged by destructive males. Whatever the males are doing during web reduction is much more effective than simply reducing the amount of silk by half," said Scott. Scott thinks the males could also be adding their own pheromones to confuse would-be rivals. Forget Miley Cyrus: When it comes to twerking, spiders can save their lives by shaking their booties, a new study says. Scientists have found that male black widows move their bodies in a certain way to let females know of their presence—and avoid becoming their next meal.

Female black widow spiders are not the friendliest mates, even according to spider standards: They will pretty much eat anything moving on their web, prey or spider.
Males do this by jerking the female’s web, transmitting friendly vibrations that give the female a simple message: “Please don’t eat me! So by making movements on the web that are unlike those of a fly or cricket, the male has figured out a lifesaving communication strategy. In the lab, researchers recorded vibrations made by black widow males, hobo spider males, and common prey species. The vibrations of the male black widows were played back to female black widows, vibrations of the male hobo spiders were played back to female hobos, and both species’ females were exposed to vibrations from prey. For hobo spiders, no twerk was detected and their vibes did not differ much from those of prey. However, “the vibrations produced by courting black widow males were very different from those produced by prey,” explained Vibert. “They were long-lasting and of very low amplitude, just like a constant humming,” she said. The vibrations of the male black widows and prey species were then played back to female black widows, and the team observed the females’ reactions.

Quiet vibrations, like those produced by the male’s subtle twerks, did not trigger a predatory response, but when researchers turned up the volume of the vibrations made by the black widow males, the female black widows attacked, Vibert said.
All I can picture now are these little male spiders singing and dancing to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! New research suggests male specimens sabotage the webs of females after mating, an attempt to ward off sexual competitors. By destroying a female's web, male spiders diminish their one-time mate's ability to attract more males. This is likely due to the fact that, unlike black widow males, which are much smaller than their females, male hobo spiders are about the same size as females and usually don’t get the cannibal treatment.

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