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Signs and symptoms of bedbug bites will usually affect only the surface of your skin, revealing themselves as small itchy red bumps known as papules or wheals.
In most cases, people carry bed bugs into their homes unknowingly, in infested luggage, furniture, bedding, or clothing. It is often hard to see them because they hide in or near beds, other furniture, and in cracks.
The Health Department recommends that homeowners or landlords hire licensed pest control professionals to get rid of bed bugs. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to clean, disinfect and eliminate their hiding places.

As you must see, the bed bugs (nymphs and adults) don't look like the hatchling German cockroach nymphs emerging from the ootheca.
You might find the lesions in a linear or clustered fashion, indicative of repeated feedings by a single bedbug.
Bed bugs may also travel between apartments through small crevices and cracks in walls and floors. You may also see the bed bugs themselves, small bloodstains from crushed insects, or dark spots from their droppings. Since bed bugs can live for several months without food and water, pest control professionals may use a pesticide.

Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bedbug infestations in domestic and commercial settings.

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