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I noticed one of my Aussies sniffing around the hole, got a flashlight and saw black and white fur at the far end.This was on a Monday and Antioch Animal Control was closed, and Lindsay Wildlife Experience doesn't deal with skunks. It can take up to five days to get a representative to come out to inspect and set a trap.A trapped skunk should be handled carefully.
If that's the case, you only need to lure the cat out with some food and then seal up the access areas around the container after making sure there are no other cats or kittens under there.Vector Control is the best place to go for help in determining if you have a skunk. You bait the live-capture trap with cat food or marshmallows, and the skunk will go in willingly.

The bigger problem is what to do next.Once the skunk is trapped, get a large tarp or sheet.
Holding it spread out in front of you so the skunk can't see you, approach the trap very slowly and gently drape the tarp over the cage, covering it completely.
That doesn't mean you might not smell something, but you shouldn't get deluged.Because skunks can carry rabies, captured skunks will be euthanized. The skunk should move on.Other than the risk of you and your pets getting sprayed, skunks are not much of a threat.

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