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I have written a great deal of advice on this website about how to catch raccoons, both in the house and outside. Some people can catch raccoons with a snare pole, but these raccoons are usually sick or injured, or cornered. I am considering hiring a company to clean-up after a raccoon invaded my attic, left feces and urine and tore up insulation and the outside of boxes. First of all a raccoon will not attack if unprovoked, so I don't see it as a threat to your grandchildren.
I am unsure what to do especially after reading online about when raccoon babies are born and how long they stay with the mother. I found a raccoon dead in the road near my house a day or two ago and now I have noticed some babies under my house. Hi David, My 75 year old mother had a mom and three babies removed from her attic 10 days ago.
We reside in a two-story house and we have a mother raccoon and her infants living in between the floors.

You don't have to trap or kill anything if you use Raccoon Eviction Fluid or Coyote Urine, which may make them leave on their own. Here we see the culprit - a female raccoon, on the roof near the hole in the soffit that it tore open. The company recommends discarding everything in the attic but I have some valuable things I would like to keep. Wildlife services include animal trapping, capture & removal, plus animal damage repairs and preventative measures.
Because of how dangerous they are for use around a home, most people with a pest issue are better served looking for other alternatives. The states that do allow the common civilian to eliminate a problem raccoon in the home generally require you to kill and then dispose of the creature without taking it off your property.
Without the proper paperwork, there’s almost no legal way to catch a raccoon and take it, alive, off your property for relocation.
We decided to get a trap from my son-inlaw and it is big enouph he has put peanutbutter in the cage it just hasn't worked the coon has tripped it and always gets away.

Raccoons are one of the nuisance critters often found in attics that are effectively trapped with this method. Because most raccoons in a home are female, you can sometimes remove the babies and use them as a lure in the trap for the mother. Raccoons can carry a number of diseases, and Rabies is one of the most prevalent illnesses in this particular animal’s population. If you’re not equipped to face a mother raccoon that won’t leave the attic because of her young, then you really do need to leave this to a professional.

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