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If lovable old Mickey came from Disney World to live at your house, you and your kids would be delighted. Same for the squirrel that thinks your attic is a great place to raise a family, or the raccoon that turns your chimney into a condo. For tips on keeping critters from entering your home, see the Additional Information at the end of this story. Search out holes (even small ones) around your foundation, eaves and soffits and fill them with steel wool, cover with sheet metal, or fill with caulk, plaster or cement. Set snap traps with the baited trigger end of the trap tight against the wall, because mice usually run along walls. An alternate trap position puts the traps parallel to the wall with the bait at opposite ends.

Photos 1 and 2 show the most effective way to position the ordinary, super-cheap snap trap.
Poisons are another option for mice, including closed, baited containers with a small opening for the mouse to enter. Capturing and removing raccoons from your chimney (one of their favorite places to live) is probably best left to a pest control professional. For those of you who don’t want to harm the fuzzy guys, the food trap is going to be your ticket. If you don’t particularly care for the health of the mouse, then simple mousetraps are your most effective way to catch them.
Having a mouse in the house is not pleasant – it can actually be bad for your health thanks to the mouse poop they will end up leaving all over. We provide a full complement of internet and print marketing, which hits both home buyers and real estate agents alike, to get your home the exposure it needs in this competitive real estate and home selling marketplace.

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If you have not done an accurate check of your homes value in the past year, our FREE On-Line Home Value Analysis report allows you to see exactly what your home's value is doing.  It’s not a guess or Zestimate like Zillow, but rather you seeactual Sold, Pending and Active prices. Place traps under sinks or appliances, and in closets or behind furniture, since mice tend to avoid open areas.

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