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The fruit fly invasion: It happens without fail every spring, sometimes lasting well into the autumn months depending on where you live.
It follows that the first defense against a fruit fly invasion is to invest in a good, all-natural, food-safe cleaner and wash all the fruits and veggies you bring home. Most people likely won’t wipe down their bananas diligently enough to thwart an invasion, so let’s assume that step doesn’t happen and the invasion occurs anyway.
Then, use the bleach-water-soaked rag to wipe down every surface in the kitchen – knobs, door handles, fridge, stove handles, blender, juicer, fruit bowl, coffee maker – whatever you’ve touched that is potentially “fruity.” Then, wipe the sink thoroughly with that same rag.
After another 10 minutes or so, drain the sink of the bleach water while running hot water at the same time. Users of this site agree to be bound by the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
American Pest Control is one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in Georgia. This nasty, annoying, and sometimes embarrassing problem has plagued households for decades.

But first, to understand how to fight a problem, it’s important to understand how it begins and how it spreads.
It’s crucial that you focus on anything that will end up in a bowl on the counter – yes, even wiping down your bananas with a damp, soapy rag. One involves making a cone out of a piece of paper and inserting it into a jar or juice glass that has about half an inch of fruit juice in it. So they will fly down for a taste and, for some anatomical reason, be unable to fly back up the paper cone from whence they came. The serious (and gross) downside to both of these methods is that you inevitably end up with a vessel full of fly carcasses that has to be dumped out and cleaned. Some fruit flies originate on the skin of fruits from temperate countries, but most come directly from a breeding ground that’s much closer to home – the sink drain. When they breed, they like to sit on or cling to any kitchen surface touched by your hands or food waste. As it’s filling, add a capful of liquid oxygen bleach (or a quarter scoop of oxygen bleach crystals.) This stuff is food-safe, and it has multiple uses throughout the house, from cleaning the kitchen to laundry and spot-cleaning upholstery.

As long as summers are warm and humans enjoy eating fruit and other sugar-loaded foods, the fight to keep fruit flies out of your life will be an ongoing one. A break from the brutal summer heat brings many people outdoors to enjoy the temperate climate in October. These tiny insects enter homes covertly within eggs and larvae that are already on the skin of fruit we purchase at the grocery store. These three simple tips, however, will help you make sure you’re on the winning side and that your home doesn’t become embarrassingly fly-ridden in the warmer months.
Repeat this as part of your weekly cleaning routine and your fruit fly problem should abate significantly.
Rodents, spiders, ants, cockroaches and other pests begin to seek shelter indoors during cooler months, looking for food, water and shelter which become scarce in the cooler months.

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