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For November, our playgroup gave thanks to bees by building bee houses, donating their change to Friends of the Earth, and encouraging people to #BeeBold, spread the word, and take action against bee killing pesticides.
Our kids crafted bee houses for Orchard Mason bees and were given a chance to win a Green Kid Craft box just like ALL of my readers will in just a few days.
Use the right tools - we have a pokey tool and a few other hand tools that rip things out of the ground without a toxic spray.
You can also buy organic food when possible, plant things that attract bees, refuse to use pesticides, grow your own food, and share this information with others. Not only can we stop using bee killing pesticides, but we can also plant plants and flowers that are friendly to pollinators and provide them a suitable habitat to live. If you feel compelled to help take action on behalf of bees, please feel free to give whatever you like to Friends of the Earth,.

The Colony Collapse Disorder that is threatening our bee population could be caused by a number of different things, including pesticides, global warming, parasites or mites on the bees.
I was going to tell you which pesticides to avoid but the list was so long that I decided to just tell you the truth and say avoid all of them unless they are natural and organic! You will know when you are done when all the bamboo is locked into place and you feel like you can pick it up without them falling out.

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