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The Carpenter Bee Kit with Cyper WP provides a complete carpenter bee control solution for your home. I'm been trying for 2 years to get rid of the carpenter bee's that invade my soffits on my house, after giving the critters, one dose, I'm very happy to say JOB WELL DONE!!!
AThe Carpenter Bee Kit with Cyper WP provides a complete carpenter bee control solution for your home.
There are a lot of "DIY" articles online that provide ideas for how to get rid of carpenter bees. That said, there are some preventative measures you can take to stop the bees eating through your wood structures in the future.
Unlike honey bees, which usually build a new hive each year, carpenter bees tend to reuse their old nesting sites over and over again. The safest and most effective way to solve your carpenter bee (Related News) problem is to hire bee removal experts who have years of experience dealing with these insects. Do-it-yourselfers often make the mistake of spraying a bottle of Raid or other insect repellent directly into the carpenter bee's nest with the hope that it will kill any bees inside. If you think about it, you will probably remember seeing carpenter bees buzzing about your house in the same area.
For your $29.99 you'll receive the complete recipe for this amazing carpenter bee killing formula  and the step by step instructions that will show you the special mixing process used to combine the ingredients to make the ingredients keep on killing for months and even years! After a few weeks of dusting holes and spraying, the number of bees has gone down substantially, but still fighting off a few.
These products all contain cypermethrin which is known to do a great job eliminating carpenter bees. Spray has a tendency to drift downwards.The area being invaded by carpenter bees has our hay in it for the horses and goats and the cats sleep in there.
However it is very important that Cyper WP be kept off of the hay if it is used as a food source for the animals. It is important to maintain the quarterly treatments to keep your home protected from other creepy crawlies. Industrial Manufacturing Renaissance and how companies are adjusting to meet its challenges. You probably don't want to use the spray bottle to spritz your plants with water after using it to gas carpenter bees. While it's not the most gentle product to use for carpenter bee extermination, it's certainly effective.
Carpenter bees are notoriously sensitive to noise, which may in fact be a sensitivity to vibrations. In spring, carpenter bees fly around looking for burrows to lay eggs and deposit pollen as food for the larvae. Professional exterminators know what they are doing, and can rid you of the bees efficiently. Try to find a citrus-based spray specifically designed for carpenter bees, or be industrious and make one yourself.

Carpenter bees, like other insects, have a natural aversion to citrus oil (which is why the skin and rind protect the fruit on the inside — to keep it away from predators). It's not enough to merely kill the adult bees or the reproducing females; you need to kill the bee larvae in their nests in order to keep them from reproducing and starting the whole menacing cycle over again. This forces the carpenter bees to burrow new holes, meaning there's a chance they don't pass through the insecticide.
As soon as the young carpenter bees leave their nest, it's time to seal everything up again, preferably with something stronger than wood (which the bees will burrow into again).
Bees generally will not harm a person unless they are provoked or they fear their nest is in danger.
But first, in order to determine how to get rid of carpenter bees, it will help to understand a little bit more about the insects you're dealing with. If you have a wood structure that has been holed out by carpenter bees, year after year, then you can bet that these pests will continue to make it their home again next season and the season after that. So if you're wondering how to get rid of carpenter bees for future years, then your best option is to make the wood as unappealing to the bees as possible. An experienced professional will be able to quickly survey the problem and determine the best solution for getting rid of the bees.
Well, chances are the male carpenter bee will be standing guard outside the hole and will take swift action.
We'll get rid of the bees and offer a simple preventative program to stop them from coming back. Carpenter bee larvae don’t feed on wood but they do develop inside tunnels in wood created by the female bee. We can take care of the carpenter bees for you and can advise you on how to prevent carpenter bee nesting in the future. My name is Anthony Holloway and, much like you, I had a big problem with some little bugs called “Carpenter Bees”. Using the included duster, apply dust directly to carpenter bee entry holes before plugging. There are still bees flying around like crazy, so I don't know if it just killed the one's inside.
We currently offer Cyper WP in our carpenter bee kit because it is the most economical choice. Both the Cyper WP and the Delta dust included in the carpenter bee kit are labeled for many insects, not just carpenter bees and will do a great job for general pest control issues. Aerosol carburetor cleaner has an extension tube for the can, and can be had cheaply from a discount or auto supply store. But if the woodpeckers are after food in the form of carpenter bee larvae, they will be difficult to discourage. In the meantime, our technicians will take steps to keep the woodpeckers from causing any further damage to your home.
Finally, I came across an “honest” guy who owned a local pest control company who told me, “There is nothing that will work for wood bees short of building your house completely out of metal”.

If wasps come around looking to nest, they leave quickly and once all bees are gone we'll be able to enjoy our decks bug free.
Our carpenter bee kit contains D-Fense dust to dust the existing holes and kill the bee larvae, a Centro Bulb duster to apply the D-Fense dust, Trebor plugs to block the holes so new insects can't move in later and Cyper WP to apply topically to eliminate existing bees and stop new bees and other insects from invading your home. If you’re going to use pesticide, try to use a carpenter bee, wasp or hornet killer that has a long spray nozzle so you can stand away from the nest.
To make sure new carpenter bees don’t come back to rebuild, soak a piece of sponge in the pesticide spray and tuck it in a presprayed hole.
It is extremely difficult to stop them from doing damage to foam, with wood you can paint it and frequently that deters them but not so with these bees and foam. A badminton or tennis racket is very effective to smack them with, especially easy with their habit of stopping and hovering for a moment.
Soffits and fascia boards are a common nest site because they are rarely painted on the backside. The best control in this case is to treat the carpenter bee nests to kill the larvae inside.
I still wasn’t satisfied., There had to be a way to eradicate these troublesome bees in large numbers and I was determined to find it!
However, the females usually stay inside the nest, and they do have a stinger yet they rarely sting people.
The following article explains how to defeat carpenter bees and keep them from coming back.
Carpenter bees will chew an entrance hole on the face of the board, then turn the tunnel at a right angle to follow the length of the board.
While woodpeckers may continue to work the bee nest for awhile afterwards, they will eventually stop once they can no longer detect the movement of the larvae inside the wood. I gotta market this stuff!” I worked in a hardware store and I knew I wasn’t the only person having trouble with these wood bees! This carpenter bee trap is extremely effective in preventing carpenter bee damage to your property. I had discovered the answer to everybody’s carpenter bee troubles, and I couldn’t do anything with it. If you fancy yourself an up and coming Roger Federer, you could practice your forehand off the deck with a little bee target practice. I went home and got to doing some other stuff and, to be honest, I completely forgot about my Dads bees. However, if you’re an insect killing maverick, follow these steps to safely get rid of carpenter bees at your home.

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