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I was just starting to curse freecyclers everywhere when I got a text from said gentleman apologising and asking if he could come on Monday instead. At the weekend, we moved our daughter from our room into the nursery, and I found the book again. Once I had collected everything up from the floor, I began to try and put everything back in the cupboard in such a way that would prevent this carnage happening again (clue #4). When he was a kitten we used to regularly find him hanging by his paws from a stair or chair - it took him several months to learn how to retract his claws so had to rely on us to free him again. Back in the day I'd be in the pub with him waiting for the call, but we have a seven month old baby, so the responsible mother bit of me means I'm at home.

Put your answers to the following questions into the flickr search, select a picture from the first page and copy the url into the mosaic maker. This was tricky, mostly because the boxes don't stack neatly (except the ones from the chinese takeaway). However, I only started knitting in July this year, and don't yet feel brave enough to knit in the round.
However, all the extra cardboard shelf units placed oh so helpfully in the middle of a not very wide aisle makes negotiating the shops even harder. I have decided that I absolutely, definitely HAVE to finish them before a) I start anything else and b) I go back to work in exactly one month.

Just like diaper duty and bedtime, nursing her baby was another challenge that Melissa had to take on. She learned about the harmful effects of BPA and phthalates and how the hidden toxic chemicals leach into foods and more.
There was one family member I think was bothered by that, but I didn't let that stop me or bother me.

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