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This Catchmaster Easy Set Mouse Snap Trap (605P) is the perfect snap trap if you are looking for one to be used in the EZ Mover bait station.
ANo, the Catchmaster Easy Set Mouse Snap Trap does not have to be used with a bait station.
These products are not available in stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart or Ace Hardware. Sorry we had to close the site we used bing API and it was pulling some really bad content that we had no control over so we decided to shut the site down.

It is made of heavy duty construction, has gripping teeth for incredible strength and has improved power by the raised rim.
If you can safely set traps without using them inside a bait station, then you should, however, setting the traps inside a station such as the Protecta Mouse Bait Station would protect non-target animals like dogs and cats from potentially getting caught in them. Availability date: Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest Send to a friend Send to a friend Easy Set Mouse Trap Steel and polystyrene materials combined with a larger trip panel and strike bar ensures they are easy to bait and outsmart rodents.
This trap is versatile and economical, featuring improved hardware, construction and design.

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