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If the nest is visible and accessible, you can get rid of the nest itself by moving to the next step. If the nest is hidden and difficult to reach, you're going to want to use the toxic bait to kill the ants. Diatomaceous earth is a natural, nontoxic dust that can be used to kill carpenter ants without bringing poisons into your home. Carpenter ants are large black or dark brown insects with three body segments and six legs. To find the nest, you'll need to lure the ants out with some bait, then trail them back to the nest so you can figure out exactly where they're hiding.
If it kills the worker ants on their way back to the nest, the thousands of ants still back at the nest won't be affected.

This method is effective when you can access the nest easily and apply carpenter ant dust directly to the queen and the entire colony. Use caulk to seal your foundation and cracks around doors, windows, and any other areas where ants could get into your home. You will hear a scrabbling sound that sound like a rustling or tapping sound if ants are near. You'll use toxic bait to lure the ants out of the nest; they'll carry it back to the nest, and within about three days the ant population will be poisoned.
Choose a carpenter ant dust and follow the instructions on the package to apply the dust to the nest.
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Read on to learn how to control carpenter ant populations to prevent them from becoming a nuisance.
Buy some carpenter ant toxic gel bait and mix it with a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of milk. Look for areas where the wood is slightly damp, since ants like to build their nests in moist wood.

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