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If you have an ant problem in your lawn or yard, you probably seek safe ways to eliminate them.
You must know that ants survive and find food using their ability to leave a scent behind them, and with this scent they transfer their messages about food and dangers. There are several natural powders which have significant scents which can cause the ants to see it like a natural border line.
There are natural safe ant baits today which can eliminate the ant problem from your back yard. Place a number of baits around the lawn and yard, so you cover as much colonies at once as you can. This entry was posted in Landscaping Tools & Tips and tagged best way to get rid of ants in yard, how to get rid of ants in yard naturally, how to kill ants in garden, Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants by Patio Admin.
Get Rid Of Ant Colonies in The Yard If you have ants crawling all over your patio and garden, than you know its a pest which has come to stay.

Prepare Your Composter For Winter Composters use the process of decomposition to convert organic waste into the required nutrient rich fertilizer that has to be the end product from good compost procedures. Tips to Prevent Your Composter from Smelling An average family throws away 200 pounds of organic waste every year, and if you also have a garden, you will have far more organic waste to dispose of. There are some ways you can fight the ants without spraying your back yard with tons of chemicals. Ants leave the trail of scent over most surfaces, but when they have to travel over surface covered with high scented powder, they lose their scent.
All you need to do, is to draw a line with one of these around the flowerbeds or the lawn to prevent the ants from crossing the patio or marching into your living room. Bread crumbs, sweet foods and other treats from the weekend backyard BBQ, are like free meal offer for ants.
Mix the natural scented powders into a thick boiling soup, and pour it on to the ants mound.

These ant baits have a sweat scent liquid bait inside them, which is placed where the ants can reach it.
They are safe in the yard, because the bait is not sprayed all over the lawn or driveway, but is placed in small bait stations which house pets and children can not reach. Keep the area around the patio furniture clean, the coffee table clean, and the ants will go somewhere else to find their food. If you notice ants everywhere in your garden, then there are probably more than one colonies in your yard, lawn or driveway.

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