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Keith Glatzer of the Wild Bee Company uses a vacuum to remove wasps from outside a home in Seattle, Washington.
So she reluctantly called in a strike in the form of Keith Glatzer, owner of the Edmonds, Wash.-based Wild Bee Co.
It turns out that Washington’s human inhabitants aren’t the only species benefiting from one of the most splendid summers in years. The result has been a litany of conflicts - from stings to ruined picnics - that often end badly for the largely beneficial insects. In Snohomish County, the Washington State University Extension office has been fielding far more calls than last year, when cool, wet weather seemed to put a damper on the populations, said David Pehling. But despite their prickly nature, wasp species serve a valuable function, consuming enormous numbers of flies, caterpillars and other insects considered pests, said Peter Landolt, a U.S.
Understanding wasp biology and behavior can help humans live more harmoniously with their winged neighbors, he says. Landolt’s own tolerance threshold was tested when he discovered a colony of paper wasps had set up housekeeping under the gas-cap cover on his Ford Bronco.
The biggest headaches are often caused by invasive species, such as the German wasp, a kind of yellow jacket that first showed up in Washington in 1980, but is now widespread. Baldfaced hornets, which despite their name are actually wasps, are the architects of the distinctive, football-sized nests found dangling from trees and shrubs.

This year’s mild spring and warm summer have been favorable to wasps in two ways, Landolt explained. Invariably, wasps are most troublesome to people in late summer and early fall, as colonies - which originate with a single queen - reach their maximum size. Gwen Tollefson, of Lynnwood, Wash., was hiking with a friend in the Olympic Mountains when he riled up a colony - and she took the hit, sustaining at least 11 stings. Unlike bees, which can only sting once, wasps are equipped with a syringe-like stinger that can deliver four or five injections before they run out of venom.
Landolt made that discovery when he was conducting field work in Florida, attempting to collect yellow jackets from a large nest in a stump by sucking them up with a vacuum.
Sure enough, when he did controlled experiments in the lab, Landolt was able to isolate and identify the chemical. Glatzer practices an eco-friendly form of pest control, using a vacuum to hoover up wasps instead of dousing them with chemicals. The warm, sunny weather has also spawned a bumper crop of yellow jackets and other wasps in many parts of the state.
Distinguished by their slender bodies and habit of dangling their legs when they fly, paper wasps build small, umbrella-shaped nests with exposed combs.
More overwintering queens survive when the weather is mild, and wasp metabolism and growth rates rev up at high temperatures.

Even though he was wearing a protective suit, he had to back away when the colony went ballistic. Wasps emit it when they sting - and when their venom sacs are crushed, whether by a fly swatter, a human hand, or a lawn mower. There are oodles of ways to ensure that your house is warmer this year than it was last year. They’re less aggressive than yellow jackets, but some varieties, like the nonnative European paper wasp, seem attracted to human habitations. Scientists have actually tried to answer the question of whether wasps prefer fried chicken, sardines, tuna or other human foods, Landolt said.
But remodeling projects involving basements present specific issues, such as moisture control, which are less likely to be a problem in other areas of home renovation.

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