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You can either submerge the box in water or place it in the freezer for several hours to kill the wasps.
Last weekend we had the door open and a giant B2 Bomber of a wasp buzzed in and decided to to terrorize us, and I've already found several large nests tucked up in the eaves and corners. It's important that this box has a lid that can close tightly and is made of a good, thick material as wasps can chew through cardboard.

If the wasps have taken up residence underground or inside the walls, don't attempt to get them out yourself. Using a pair of long handled pruning sheers, cut the nest away from the house as quickly as possible.
It's best not to use any kind of fire when removing wasp nests because that really makes them mad and you will get stung.

Trust me, if the wasps are agitated, they will find that one patch of exposed skin that you forgot to cover.

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