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You may need to add some shims to support the weight so it won’t sag with the weight of the honey. The bottom wooden piece we purchased as a kit and this is where the bees enter and exit the beehive.
The bees are seen here after we added them to the jars, they are now ready to make organic honey. How To Build Your Own DIY Top Bar Beehive If you are looking to become self sufficient, a good place to start is to have a beehive in your backyard.
If you watch the video, he says he pours honey into the jar after the bees have built the comb up. I’ve read this before and this is a great idea and IF i have a good honeyflow here and IF i have enough time to work up the woodwork i would love to try it on one of my hives. I was told by a beekeeper that the bees only make the comb and the honey is just poured in over the honeycomb. My Dad used to always get honey with the comb in it because he knew it was pure and unprocessed. It always amazes me how people have questions but don’t take the time to read the information in front of them.
The bees enter the jars by going through the queen excluder, which is placed on top of the brood supers. So I am guessing this method does not create the honey for a backyard bee keeper, it just makes the novelty of the comb in the jar. Its Simple, any beekeeper would realize that the frame less honey super box was removed for photo purposes.

She said that the bees cap the honey in each cell and if you look at the picture, none of the cells have been capped. I may drop some melted beeswax into the jar bottoms before inverting for the honey super to give them a base to start from this time. The standard langstroth style supers have ten frames, each frame has a sheet of foundation (thin bees wax, or other material with the shape of a worker sized cell embedded into it on which the bees build their original brood comb) the bees build comb naturally in the jars all crossed up. My only question though, is how to extract the honey from the jars at the end of the season. That keeps the chamber dark, cool, and allows for your telescoping cover to rest on the super and the bees remain happy. Ideally bees need wax frames to build their cells in, and you can buy the wax sheets either on or off the metal wires. However a common suburban backyard can be a perfect place for beehives if done correctly and you do a bit of research and planning before ordering your bees and supplies. If the lid and screw top is on the jar, even if the lid is not on tight the inner ring would fall down onto the jar ring, leaving no gap for the bees to get in or out of. It doesn’t run out do to the orientation of the cells and viscosity of the honey, once cured.
The only gotcha i see is since the bees are building the comb from top to bottom of the jar and there is a 6 degree angle poiinting to the bottom of the jar if fthe honey isn’t capped it will empty out of the comb unless you immediately fill the jar with honey once its harvested.
As long as you did it when the wax was warm (not hot) they would bend into circles to fit the jars and make the job of the bees a lot lot easier. When you remove the jars, you allow the bees to exit the jar, you then take extra honey from extraction and fill the rest of the space in the jar and then put the lid with seal on it.

If you left them on the metal wires you should also be able to pull them out of the jars more easily which would help alot when it comes to putting them in the centrafuge for removing all the liquid honey.
The brood chamber is where the main bee hive is… where the bees raise their young and live. A jar of honey that would sell for just 3 or 4 dollars can be sold for a lot more, say 8 or 10 dollars a jar because people have never seen this method. Each jar could have the lid put on it once it has been removed and until such time as a removal process is determined.
The jar is simply an empty cavity (like a tree cavity) where they can build comb to store honey.
The bees build the comb, fill the comb with honey, and then cap the comb with wax so the honey doesnt drain out.
As you get down into the comb, you use a spoon to dig out chunks of comb filled with honey. When you do it this way, you mash it all up together (comb and honey) and spread it on toast, or put it in tea, or eat it straight (or however else you eat honey).

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