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Paper wasps often build their nests under eaves of homes and sheds, inside dry electrical outlet boxes, and even inside barbecues when not in use. Perhaps the most feared barbeque visitor, yellowjackets seem to be able to sniff out a tasty watermelon or a juicy hamburger from a block away. As new queens are produced within the colony late in the summer they demand sugars from the workers which then forage aggressively for soda pop, beer, watermelon and other favorite picnic items. Although you are very unlikely to get stung by a Mud Dauber these wasps look very frightening as they buzz around puddles, ponds and sprinklers collecting mud to build their nests.
A pensioner who contacted her local council for help with a nest of angry wasps outside her bathroom window was told nothing could be done, because the job required climbing a ladder. After a few more bursts, the hornet nest is seen engulfed in fire.The unit's commander said their extreme tactics were necessary.
Hampshire Wasp Control Currently consists of four Pest Controllers located in strategic areas of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset & Dorset, so if you have a problem, we can get rid of wasps or hornets the very same day as you call us.
Please be aware: although in some cases it may be necessary to remove a wasp nest that is in a position where it is blocking an entrance or similar situation, in general it is not required to remove wasp nests after they have been treated.

Once treated all the occupants of the nest will be destroyed and the nest will quickly become inactive (usually by the end of the day when all foraging wasps have returned to the nest). These are the areas in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset & Dorset that we currently treat Wasp nest and Hornets nests. Paul owns his own pest control business specializing in two key areas of wildlife management these include Wasp & Hornet nest destruction and mole catching. Phil has been a pest controller in the Hampshire area for over 30 years and has a vast amount of experience in wasp and hornet nest eradication. We can provide a wasp nest removal service if required but normally nests are left in their location and treated. Actually practically anywhere paper wasps can find a warm, dry protected location they start nest building activities.
They can actually shoot a venom and their soccer ball sized paper nests house enough workers to do a lot of stinging. Contrary to popular belief Wasps and Hornets do not re-use old nests from previous seasons, each spring the new emerging queens start a brand new nest.

So if you have found a nest whilst out in your garden and it is a Saturday or Sunday, don't worry, just give us a call and we will come straight out. The nests are packed with dead insects as food for the emerging young mud daubers when hatching time comes.
Often found hanging in a tree or bush these teardrop shaped nests contain many layers of eggs and young.
In the unlikely event that you have a nest that requires it to be removed after it has been treated, we can provide a wasp nest removal service. Cells are uncovered and nests seldom reach a size greater than 8 inches across with 200 workers.
They tend to be more difficult to prevent since they don’t return to the same location and do not build nests.

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