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Actually, the best way to keep a mouse out of a car is to keep him out of the building the car is in. Mice can nest several places in a vehicle: the engine compartment, the interior and the trunk. Mice can get in cars through holes around cables, pedal shafts, steering columns, and so on. The first step in keeping mice out of your car is to keep them out of the building it's in.
There's no way for mice to get under or through the walls in this clean, secure, car storage building. Solutions to the problem have ranged from Rube Goldberg-like contraptions to sonic waves to zipper bags that you drive your car into.

Make sure the building has a "rat guard" barrier that goes around the bottom of the structure and into the ground, preventing pests from burrowing in.
If you inspect the car on a regular basis, you should be able to remedy the problem before major damage is done. Perhaps my experience will assist some in completely avoiding having mice enter their Pilot.
I have a 2006 Pilot and I found all the usual indicia of mice: droppings on the car floor, shredded items in glove box, and a fluttering noise when the blower was on high. I believe the mice were primarily living under the engine cover since that's where most of the droppings were but they certainly made their way into the cabin as well. However, rather than put wire mesh over the blower openings as you did, which while preventing entry into the car does not prevent entry into the blower housing unit, I put some wire mesh over the fresh air intake, which required that I remove the passenger-side cowl cover located under the front hood at the base of and just in front of the windshield.

Using a small mirror, I located the fresh air intake opening behind a piece of thin metal that extends the width of the car under the cowl.
Because the piece of metal runs the width of the car and because I only cut a relatively small portion of it out, its rigidity was totally intact even after I cut it some of it out.
I know it sounds as if it might look bad but it actually looks ok and in any event all of this is completely under the cowl and totally blocked from view.

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