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Male annihilation involves the trapping of male fruit flies using a high density of trapping stations consisting of a male lure combined with an insecticide (usually technical malathion or spinosad), to reduce the male population to such a low level that mating does not occur. A few years ago we used sticky fly traps, but they are so redneck and I didn’t really want to use them again. I have had fruit flies like never before this year and my kids are blaming me because I bought flightless fruit flies for some praying mantises I had for my class. I am going to try this, and set the jar right next to my fruit bowl, so hopefully they will choose the jar and not the fruit! If you have already dealt with your mosquitoes and yellow jackets we have a natural and simple solution for your fruit flies! This simple, easy fruit fly trap, is incredibly effective and takes things you probably already have in your kitchen to make.
Make a cone out of the sheet of paper, leaving a small opening on the pointed end (a little bigger than a pin head and a little smaller than an eraser).

Word to the wise: Unattended fruit fly traps become maggot breading grounds in only a few days. I always just use a shallow bowl but sometimes they get smart and don’t fly into the vinegar.
Fruit flies, they seem to come into your house no matter how tight you keep it sealed and if you have fruit trees they are even worse.
I’ve tested multiple things to attract fruit flies and apple cider vinegar works the best by far. Place a funnel with a tiny opening or roll a sheet of paper with a small opening at the bottom, then place in a container with a piece of fruit at the bottom. I want to get rid of fruit flies because they’ve been multiplying around here more quickly than bunny rabbits. I did 4 different cups with natural apple cider vinegar ( they like it better than the processed vinegar you get in stores).

I was hoping to clean up the rotting fruit, and then trap the little buggers before they can get to the new fruit that I haven’t picked yet. I poured about an inch of vinegar, added some sugar and some dish soap (as they said on YouTube).
One other thing to note is don’t get apple cider vinegar on the side of the glass, only on the bottom otherwise the fruit flies will drink from the side of the glass and not get stuck. I also continuously left two open bowls of vinegar ( about a half inch); I left them about 40 minutes.
In order to keep any fruit flies from being around and also laying eggs is extremely easy to do.

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