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We continued our course, southeast, until we make 20 miles and camped on another plain between the mountains on a creek in the center of the flats.
We left one wagon above and yesterday another as we was descending and we are not yet down and out of this hole that is here marked out. This chain of hills or mountains runs from 12 miles southwest from here to the northwest, out of sight running northwest. Marched at 10 o’clock from our camp and the maricopers and raveled southwest by west 8 miles, then by the end of the mountains four miles southwest then west, far enough to make 18 miles and camped on the desert on the left hand side of some hills.

In one hollow or gully, it is said that this valley is the best of any and that here is a good place for raising any kind of grain, also anything of the fruit kind, and by the looks of the land here, it seems that a nation might be fed here as in Egypt, by watering the land which might be easily done.
But, thank God we have served 6 months, save eleven days and we will try to heave it as good soldiers, although our shoes are worn out, our torn clothes are all almost gone, the skins of beavers are used for moccasins. In the hollow, when we got to the top of this hill, we saw that there was no outlet to this valley, nor inlet. We put up, making 20 miles this day, by a good creek that would make the best of mill seats, not more than two rods to dam in between the mountains of rocks and there might be a lake formed big enough to water all the country below, but lack of building timber here.

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