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Although technically mice aren’t bugs, we feel that the rate of house mice infestation is significant enough to warrant an article on this pest control site of ours. A cheap snap trap (~$12) that we find most effective is the Snap-E mouse trap because it kills a mouse instantly by snapping down on it really hard but without crushing the head or limbs. Because this trap doesn’t cut up or cause the rodent to suffer from bleeding injuries, you can easily reset and reuse the trap over and over again. An alternative here would be electrical traps (that basically electrocutes the rodents to death) but these are a lot more expensive (up to $40) and will not offer any additional advantage over well-made snap traps.
These types of traps can ensnare a mouse and leave them well alive and without any harm but this also means that you’ll have to manually kill the mouse by whacking it over the head.
Secondly, it takes a while before the poison kicks in and finally kills off the poisoned rodent.

How kill rat house, instantly humanely, As i've discussed repeatedly, it's pointless to start killing the rats in your house until you've first solved the root problem - the openings they are using to get. A snap trap, in particular, which is triggered as a mouse runs across it or if it’s baited to step upon it, is the simplest yet most cost-effective way of killing these rodents. Out of 20 or so mice we killed instantly using this trap, only 1 was caught by its back foot. If you plan on releasing your caught rodents alive out into the wild though, this might not be the best choice for you! You could choose to release the mouse elsewhere but if you don’t do it far away enough (like at least half a mile away), it could very likely track its way back to your property eventually. The choice of your baits doesn’t have to be complicated because mice will be attracted to literally all sorts of food that are left out in the open.

We still don’t know how that happened but we suspect that it’s a particularly light-footed one! A glue or cage trap is only useful if you’re planning on catching a mouse instead of killing it. On the whole, using poison or rodenticides is a messy affair that we’ve learned to stay away from.

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