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The idea is that the flies will go into the paper funnel attracted to the vinegar and bananas and then not be able to get back out and eventually fall to their deaths in the slimy detergent-y liquid below.
I have jars of apple vinegar dish liquid an water all over the place an the only place they seem to go is the walls an every where but the jars .plus fly strips an we got a few of them. Fruit flies are pesky little buggers – all it takes is an open window (they are so small that they can pass through screens) and a bowl of ripening fruit to start an infestation.
Pour boiling water down the drain every other day – this makes sure to kill eggs that may have been laid there. We have been having some issues with fruit flies this year, and no matter how much we hide our fruit and produce they were still there. I tried creating a funnel and putting a pieces of fruit at the bottom, it didn’t work.

For ants I found putting vinegar, water, and a small bit of dish soap to lower the vinegar odor in a spray bottle.
I have heard that you’re really supposed to use the apple cider vinegar, but you are welcome to try the other!
Sometimes, you take them home with you from a grocery store or farmers market – they love to lay eggs on ripening fruit, so you can bring them into your home without even realizing it. I also tried putting apple cider vinegar in a bowl and covering it with saran wrap that had holes in it.
With an incredibly fast life cycle (they can go from egg to adult in just 8 days), it doesn’t take long before they get out of hand and every visit to your kitchen results in a swarm of fruit flies around your head. Best of all, this requires little effort on your part – it kills the flies while you’re off leading your busy life!

The moment I spot fruit flies, it lives in my kitchen and any fruit fly I see meets its demise when they are introduced.
He goes on bug killing rampages with his fly swatter and won’t stop til he gets them all. Finally, leave it where you see fruit flies the most – your compost, garbage can or near the sink. People that breed fruit flies and play with cultures say that they need to maintain humidity.

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