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Fleas are small, agile insects that live by feeding on the blood of other animals, usually your furry and harmless cat or dog. Place the water and detergent mixture in a very shallow bowl, low enough to the ground so that the fleas accidentally hop into it.
After 7-10 days, vacuum the salted area very thoroughly, making sure to pick up all the salt and flea carcasses from the carpet area. Prepare your dog for the bath by applying the flea soap near the dog's ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and butt. If your dog doesn't react well to flea soap, try acquiring soap that has eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or cedar oil in it. When searching for fleas, you may also find something called "flea dirt." It's black and coarse and if you put it on a moistened towel, it will turn red. Before giving your pet a flea bath, wash your hands and arms (up to the elbow) with the pet's flea shampoo. Because of the long flea life cycle, two or three treatment spaced three weeks apart are often needed to completely rid your home of a flea infestation.
The easiest way to kill fleas is when they are at their most vulnerable—in the egg and larval stages of their development.

IGRs, such as Nylar, stop the fleas from developing, thereby breaking the reproduction cycle.
When fleas feel water, they immediately look for safe places on the dog to hide out, such as around the neck, on the head, and near the anus. Flea products, such as Advantage or Frontline, are spot-treatments that are applied to pets monthly. Since fleas feed on the blood of animals, you can treat fleas by manipulating what your pet eats. These tablets attack the flea’s nervous system via the bloodstream and tissue of your dog or cat. This will prevent fleas from jumping on you during the bath, biting you, and then re-infecting the pet.
However, it is extremely important to take a bath and get rid of any signs of fleas before they reproduce.
He likes to edit on topics he’s familiar with, from the first article he ever edited, How to Deal with Being Tall as a Kid, to his favorite one he's worked on, How to Play Halo 3. Here's an outline of the different ways to eradicate fleas in both your house and on your pets.

An adult flea will live only about a week without blood from its host, while a flea larva can live several months, so it's important to attack the larvae first.
When a salt crystal attaches itself to a flea, it will cause chafing and scraping on the flea, essentially bleeding the flea to death as it walks. There may be a host of other fleas in various stages of their life cycle waiting to hop onto your pet, so be sure to use this method with other preventative measures, such as vacuuming, borate mixes, and cedar chips. You may find that the use of some of the standard flea treatments are ineffective because the local flea population has adapted to a particular treatment (including the chemicals in flea collars). Take a shower immediately after washing your pet because some flea shampoos can cause irritation when left on human skin for prolonged periods of time.
Lavender or Rosemary-mint products (shampoo & body wash) are good flea repellants as well. Often it is advantageous to spray the areas of the house frequented by your pets on a monthly basis during flea season.

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