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When you get in your car to go somewhere, the last thing you want to see is something crawling around inside it.
Now ants are certainly not the worst pest you could have in your car, but that doesn’t mean they’re welcome!
If this happens, and the ants don’t find what they are looking for, they could very well leave on their own with no intervention required from you. The other, and more unfortunate possibility is that the ants have identified your car as a viable food source, and will be sending in a steady stream of worker ants to collect the food they have found. Accurately identifying ants can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, so you may want to consider capturing some of them to show your local pest control expert.
You have to keep in mind that ants are very small, and tiny morsels of food that you can’t even see can be enticing enough to keep them coming back. It could work, however ants do leave chemical pheromone trails behind to let other ants know where to find the food, and unless you can move your car far enough away they might be able to easily find it again.

Depending on how clean the rest of your car is, and the type of ants you’re dealing with, this could be enough to deter them from coming back. As well at the tires, you may want to place some ant traps inside the car to deal with those pesky ants that just won’t go away.
It is highly unlikely that any species of ant would actually build a nest in a car, so if there are ants in your car, there are really 2 possibly reasons why. This can happen if you parked on an ant hill, or even near a tree with a lot of ants in it. While it’s not crucial that you identify the ants, it can often make getting rid of them a whole lot easier, since certain extermination options work better on some species than others. However, if you’d like to try on your own you can find a helpful guide here that covers many of the more common species of ant.
This means that simply picking up the old McDonalds wrappers in the back seat might not be enough to get rid of your ant problem.

This may not be an option, depending on your parking situation, but if you live in a place such as an apartment complex where you have many options, consider trying it. Such things include actual pieces of food (yuck!), old wrappers, and any drinks or drink cups left in the car.
As the only contact point with the ground, this is how the ants must be getting in and out of your car and treating the tires with chemicals makes it impossible for the ants to avoid it. It’s time to pull out the big guns and get rid of those ants with chemical pesticides. This ensures that the ants will have no problem finding them, and yet keeps the traps out of the way of your feet, and makes the more difficult for pets and children to get a hold of.

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