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Wang Dalin attracting 26.86kg of bees onto his body, covered only by a pair of shorts and swimming goggles. By emailing our google group a message is sent 27 KBA beekeepers who are experienced in honey bee removal.
If a swarm of bees has established a home of comb in an unwanted location, such as inside a tree on your property, inside a structure’s chimney, or within the walls or eaves of your home, the bees can be removed in a process called trapping or cut-out removal.
The Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association (KBA) helps connect honey bee related requests with member beekeepers as a volunteer service to the community.
As reported by RSOE, two American tourists were attacked and injured by  a swarm that introduced and literally filled their home in Desamparaditos de Puriscal. This will usually be in the open eaves of structures, attics, crawl spaces, barns, sheds, trees, bushes, fence rows and other locations where bees have been a problem or have nested in the past. Please be advised that removing bees in this manner can involve dis-assembling parts of your home or building.

The KBA makes no claims to the level of experience or skill that a member beekeeper may have in either swarm rescue or colony removal. Here two separate stories about two killer bees’ attacks that occurred in Costa Rica last week.
Make sure you have a clear understanding with your beekeeper about the complete process and who will be responsible for what will happen from beginning to end of the entire project. Like most flower pots, there is a small hole on the bottom, about the size of a nickel, through which the bees can enter and exit. Swarms are not aggressive because they have no hive (comb with brood) to defend at this time. A fee is usually paid to the beekeeper for this type of removal because of the amount of time and labor involved.
Bees like to swarm and nest around cellulose so the construction material being used is conducive to getting bees.

We do not recommended spraying hives in buildings or homes with insecticide; not only are beneficial pollinators killed, but the honey, wax and dead bees will remain in the wall and attract all-kinds of bugs and rodents including mice, roaches, moths, beetles and yellow-jackets. Swarms may stay on a swarming site for as little as 15 minutes or for several days or more.
When used for monitoring Killer Bees, bad nests or undesirables can be exterminated easily as well using the same hole as the injection path. Swarms occur most often in mid to late Spring (May-June), less frequent in summer, ending in October. Ideally these should be set out in trees, bushes, under the eaves of a building or where bees naturally would like to swarm and nest.

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