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This kit is ideal for tackling Bed Bugs and fleas in the home, a hotel or a bed and breakfast. The most effective residual spray on the market - using aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology and during tests this product proved to be the very best insect killer we have ever tested - kills on contact and will protect you for over 6 weeks!
1 X Pre-vent spray - Protect you from Bed Bug and insect bites when you are in bed or on the sofa.

This is because Nature’s Response uses a natural chemical reaction to kill bed bugs, rather than synthetic chemicals like pyrethroids.
Given that bed bugs are proving to be more than a match for even professional exterminators, these 3 secrets should give you more reason than ever to consider taking bed bug extermination into your own hands. Just like in the United States, professional exterminators are struggling to contain bed bug outbreaks – and they shared some alarming facts your American exterminator won’t be sharing with you until after he’s cashed your check. New products like Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer offer a safer, more affordable and more effective solution to a bed bug outbreak than a traditional exterminator.

Made using 100% organic food grade ingredients, this bed bug killer spray immobilizes bed bugs on contact – destroying them and their eggs within a minute.
There’s even a professional grade bed bug killer version designed for landlords and caretakers.

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