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Cucumber PeelsWhile roaches will eat basically anything, there is one food they don’t like. For starters, it means you have to stifle your gag reflex and figure out how to get rid of them! We asked Julie Edelman, "The Accidental Housewife," to demonstrate two effective ways to evict roaches from the home with food you already have in your kitchen. You must find a way to get rid of the babies as soon as possible, otherwise, they will soon start reproducing and you will be in a lot of trouble when something like that happens.The first thing you can do is spray roach poison in all corners of the walls and floor.
The dogs, however, will feel a must to know what this smell is and will immediately inspect in order to make sure their owners are safe.

If you are dealing with babies, I would advise you to use roach traps that only trap them and do not kill them. You should know that you have to do something like that during the night, when they are active.Dirt attracts roaches, so if you are dealing with them you must keep your home perfectly cleaned and fresh.
As I already mentioned, roaches are nocturnal pests.If you are living in an apartment, and have other neighbors in the building, spraying just your apartment will not stop the roaches.
If you only spray your home, the roaches will invade other apartments, but will eventually return back to you, even if it takes them a few weeks.
However, you must do a good job in hiding your pets closed, so they would not poison themselves.

Put it everywhere you have seen roaches, try to find their trajectory and believe me, everything will be perfect after a few weeks. Also, by caulking all of the cracks you can find will close all of their entrance points and you might even not have to deal with roaches for a really, really long time. You can also put Borax powder in all of the cracks and wait for everything to be annihilated and for your apartment to be roach-free.

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