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Springtime and summer are lovely times of year, but they do usher in a host of seasonal hazards, perhaps none more fearsome than wasps. Wasps can be a minor nuisance at picnics and barbecues, but if they set up their nest in your home or garden it can cause all sorts of more serious problems!
This fantastic article will reveal six ways to stop wasps from setting up home near your home, how to naturally deal with them if they already have and how to keep wasps out of your house. 105+ Natural Home Remedies -treat almost any illness with natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.
75+ Natural Beauty Recipes - Get the best hair and skin you've ever had and look younger with these insanely clever natural beauty recipes. And if you make a solution without the soap, you can spray it directly on your skin to keep them away, and smell delicious. You might need to apply the solution twice, but they will fall to the ground and die within seconds. The wasps that had a nest above our front door made it difficult to enjoy eating on the veranda. If you want to keep wasps away from ruining your picnics and barbecues this summer – then try making this super simple natural wasp spray.
Wasps are a very dangerous sort of flying bug that use their stingers as defense mechanisms. Wasp stings can be very dangerous and leave very irritating skin rashes that are excruciatingly painful. Before you try and get near the base you will need to wear the proper gear for handling a wasp nest. Wasps build their vespiaries under the eaves of cottages and private houses, thus disturbing their owners. It’s better to fight against wasps in the evening, when all wasps flock together for the night. Traps, made of plastic bottles and filled with sour stewed fruit, and different adhesive tapes are also rather effective. If it is impossible to approach the vespiary with a jar, you can use a so-called “gas chamber”. Not only are wasps annoying, buzzing in your ears and hovering over your picnic, but they are also more likely than most bees to actually sting you. It’s best to approach the nest at night, when most or all of the wasps are inside it.

Save a fortune AND your families health with these super simple homemade cleaning products that work BETTER than store bought! Walking past a wasps nest without even looking at it can provoke an attack from a wasp colony. In some cases a person might be allergic to a wasp sting, and can die from a single wasp sting! As soon as you get close to the nest, hundreds of wasps will come swarming out to attack you. In a household where there are children you should definitely make sure to get rid of wasps! Wasps are rather sensitive to smells, and if you decide to get rid of them with the help of sprays, you risk amassing a lot of troubles. In the morning or during the day most wasps leave their homes, that’s why vespiaries are almost empty. But firstly you should find out, whether the members of your family have an allergy to the smell of vinegar. Take a glass jar, a pot or a bucket (depending on the size of the vespiary), fill it with water to the brim and carry it gently to the bottom of the vespiary so that it becomes submerged completely. To minimize the presence of these pests on your property, the most important thing you can do is to destroy any wasp nests that you come across. First, if you are able to distinguish the species of wasp, you can then proceed to research its nesting habits. However, it may take a few buckets full to destroy the nest and to completely detach it from where it was hanging. Thus if you have a wasp problem on your property it is very important to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is why having a wasp nest on your property should warrant very drastic measures to make sure that your residence stays safe. Different types of wasps make different types of nests, thus if you spot a few wasps flying around your property, find out which type of wasp they are so that you can find out which type of nest you should be looking for. They fly everywhere, even in dustbins, in order to find sugar-containing products, and then they can easily land on your plate with washed fruit. The usage of baits, which attract insects, is fraught with the attack of other wasps, flown from adjacent areas.
Although it’s not especially difficult or time-consuming to get rid of wasps in this way, you are going to need courage, first and foremost, and like any soldier heading into battle, you must arm yourself with the right weapons.

My neighbor suggested trying the traditional bug spray, and my buddy recommended the aerosol that turns into a chemical-laden goo surrounding the entire wasps nest, and turning into a hardened foam cloud that slowly poisons yourself, children or pets in the process.
Its a natural painkiller (I draw a “W” on the back of my neck with it when I have a headache and WOW!
Cause I had some fries and forgot to throw away the paper plate I ate from and when I got up there was a bunch of them on that plate.
There are many different kinds of wasps and the first thing you should do is find out which kind of wasp is colonizing on your property. Wasps are generally yellow in color with black stripes on their abdomen, and a needle like protrusion on the end of their body. When you find the wasps nest you will need to make sure that you keep considerable distance if you are not wearing protective gear. Many potent (and oftentimes toxic) chemicals are sold commercially for the purpose of ridding homeowners of wasps, but we recommend handling the problem the old-fashioned way. Put on long pants, a long-sleeved shirt under a thick jacket, gloves, socks and shoes, and a hat paired with a bandana (the latter to cover your face).
This is important because once you find out which type of wasp it is you can research on the internet to where this type of wasp usually makes its nest or base.
People can easily mistake harmless bumble bees to wasps thus you should know the difference between the two! Once you are certain that you are protected, get a bucket of water and fill it up with boiling water. Continue reading to learn how you can get rid of wasps using little more than soap and hot water.
Alternatively, simply walk around the property, checking all those snug, out-of-the-way hiding places that wasps are known to haunt—roof eaves and rafters, wall cavities, crawlspaces, railings, fence posts, and tree branches. And a spray with water and peppermint (I also add lavender and orange oils but the mint is the most important) will also work well to keep spiders and mice away!!
Now get close enough to the nest to pour the entire bucket of boiling water on top of the nest.

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