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To help you trap and get rid of each and every fly, I’ve put together this little do it yourself homemade fruit fly funnel trap project to help remedy the situation. We once had a really bad infestation of fruit flies which brought home with a bunch of peaches. We had an infestation of fruit flies at work so I secreted a peeled banana in a colleagues locker and trapped them in there. I also tried just cutting the top off a plastic bottle and reverting it back, but the bottle opening’s a bit big and the flies find their way out.

Vinegar took forever and didn’t really work, they were procreating faster than dying. Once the funnel trap is a buzzing, feel free to set your flies free in the great outdoors, or not. One thing my mother always did, ( and always worked) was to take a little cup or a deep saucer, and put some dish soap (we used Sunlight) and vinegar.
Alas, the fruit flies invaded and ruined the batter that I was going to pass on to friends, but it does work.

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