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It sometimes feels like an impossible task to fight against the army of ants from attacking your jar of sugar, candies, or cookies. Ants are driven by the desire to find something to eat, which means you need to keep your storeroom clean. There are a number of ant species.  Some of them are Argentine ants, grease ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, and carpet ants. Vinegar: Mix it with water and use this solution to clean all the places where the ants are seen.

Spices: Ingredients which enrich the taste of your dishes also ward off these little trouble makers from your kitchen cabinets. Peppers: Peppers like chilly, black, and cayenne also help a lot in getting rid of these pests. Many homeowners face this problem, and are tired of trying out new ways to get rid of the little invaders.
Placing cinnamon, bay leaves, mint in the corners of your shelves will give positive results.

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