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There are many different species of silverfish in the world and they can appear quite different when it comes to size, shape, and color. Enter your name and email into the form below to receive a few quick tips about silverfish, more info about my guide, and a special offer! Fix any source that causes moisture like flawed plumbing or condensation because silverfishes are attracted to moisture. Since silverfishes come in from the outside, you will need to treat outside to help prevent infestation inside. You can treat silverfishes by liquid spray ( FenvaStar EcoCap) using a hand sprayer , granule (BIFEN GRANULARS) using a hand spreader (HANDLE SPREADER), aerosol ( ALPINE AEROSOL), dust (PYGANIC DUST) using a duster (BELLOW BULB DUSTER) and station (DEKKO SILVERFISH PACKS). For indoor treatment, the silverfish can hide in cracks and crevices so you will need to use dust (DELTA DUST), liquid spray (FenvaStar EcoCap), aerosol ( ALPINE AEROSOL), and stations (DEKKO SILVERFISH PACKS).

We have silverfish in our attic and walls due to not enough attic ventilation which has also caused black mold.
We recommend the Dekko Silverfish Paks for silverfish and they require no mixing of chemicals or manual application.
Since the silverfish comes into homes through cracks and crevices, it might live in the voids in the walls, if that the case, you will need to make an access (i.e.
This treatment will create a barrier around your home to prevent silverfishes from coming into your home.
You can use the station (DEKKO SILVERFISH PACKS) and place 2-3 of them in closets, drawers, bookcases, in basements, and any where else that silverfishes inhabit. Silverfishes moves extremely fast but once the silverfish finds a food source that it likes, it will tend to stay close to it.

An adult silverfish molts it skin throughout the year so it can be something useful in detecting silverfish. They might eat holes through the wallpaper to get to the glue or bite tiny holes in fabrics (i.e.

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