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Little red ants, known as leaf cutter ants, will invade a vegetable garden by the thousands.
There are several methods of ridding your lawn or garden from the hazards created by ants beginning with organic methods. Another natural deterrent to an invasion of ants is to plant mint, bearing in mind that mint is a very invasive plant and may take over more of your garden than you are willing to give.
From black ants to red ants to fire ants, all are unwanted pests.While most ants are just considered a nuisance, one common ant in the South known as the fire ant, is a very aggressive ant whose sting can cause reactions ranging from simple irritation to nausea to even more severe reactions.
While not as aggressive as fire ants, they can destroy the tops of your plants in record time.

It may be necessary to treat multiple times before you have completely removed all the ants from your yard. When a fire ant mound is disturbed, the ants can become very aggressive and will sting the intruder repeatedly. Each colony of carpenter ants will produce winged adults once a year to scout new locations and start new colonies. The worker ants will take the granules back to the queen and when the queen dies, the mound dies.
Diatomaceous earth, available at swimming pool supply stores, is one chemical that has been proven to kill ants and is said to be harmless to use around humans and pets.

The ants are attracted to the sugar and carry it back to the mound and within a week or two the borax will kill the mound. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around the mound and across the path of the ants to dehydrate and kill them.

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