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Solutions aimed at mole elimination also include battery-based devices creating vibration that you put into the ground, vibration wind-mills and fumigators. Take this concentrated mixture and add 2 Tbsp to 1 gallon of water, place in a sprayer and spray liberally in areas where the moles are active and areas that you want to be protected.
Investigated this method but because the ground is moving at the hill, it doesn’t mean the mole is beneath it.
After you capture these uninvited guests in your yard you can relocate them, avoiding killing. The treatment should last 30-60 days and may need to be reapplied before the moles relocate.

I found the mole can be as far as 18″ away and is pushing the soil along the tunnel, moving the earth at the weakest point. Moles are sensitive to ground vibrations, so will not be active for awhile after you approach.
Repellents based on castor oil sprayed all over the lawn and along tunnels will effectively help to keep moles away from your land.
Their tunnels push up the earth breaking your lawn’s harmony and eat earthworms so advantageous for the soil.
If you noticed the first furrows and suspect moles, it is obvious that it’s better to get rid of these skillful diggers better sooner than later.

Some preparation work and deciding which method of mole eradication you prefer is needed before you actually start your fight.

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