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Despite the damage their tunnels can do to your lawn, moles are benign creatures, happy to live underground and feast on insects and earthworms. 2Dig a pit with a shovel under the opening of each active tunnel deep and wide enough for a one-quart coffee can. 3Cover the can with leaves, small twigs, newspaper or some other material that will conceal it, but collapse as soon as a mole stands on it. You can choose from commercially available mole traps that will skewer, slice, squeeze or crush the animals. Unfortunately, the only way they can find these delicacies is by digging and piling the dirt in unsightly mounds throughout your yard.

Relocate moles that you catch to a more suitable place, such as an open field or an uninhabited forest area. If you decide to use conventional traps, set several -- one at the opening of each active tunnel. A prolific carpenter, home renovator and furniture restorer, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. If you want to rid your lawn of moles quickly, the consensus among those who have tried all methods is that trapping works best.
Moles are simply too inaccessible in their labyrinth for less drastic measures to be effective.

When it does, it will fall into the can, which is deep enough to prevent the animal from escaping.

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