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Our flock has been up against an encroaching rat invasion ever since we brought them home.  Now, we may have some tough birds in our bunch, and while our ladies have been known to take down a rat or two on their own, a whole slew of them is a different story. My husband built wooden frames covered in hardware cloth and stuck them two feet into the ground all the way around the run, forming an underground barrier. When the rats dug right around them, he spent an entire weekend rat proofing the run and coop.
She was happily eating out of the side of the feeder when Dee Dee decided she wanted to eat of the side of the feeder too, and jumped off, resulting in the feeder door crashing down on Little Carl’s head. More of this tomfoolery went on all day, until too many birds got on the bar at once and the whole thing tipped over, spreading feed all over the place. Our chickens have killed and eaten mice before, and if they happened to eat a freshly poisoned rat, they would die as well.
We decided to try chicken feed as bait, because they obviously like it enough to spend an entire night burrowing two feet into the Earth and chewing through wood planks for it.
I do believe that these traps would be a tremendous help to anyone who’s dealing with a smaller population of rats than we were, but here in the city, more rats were replacing the dead ones every day. It wasn’t just the chicken food that was drawing rats to our backyard, but the open air compost pile as well. About a month ago i walked out to collect the eggs in my coop and came face to face with a rat.
Quite entertaining, Meredith, and I’m glad in the end you found a simple, common sense approach that worked! Snake removal - rid snakes - snake trap, I built this website as a resource for people who want to get rid of a snake problem.

How rid snakes rid stuff, Again, rid snakes catch physically remove property eliminate snake.
Tunnels had been dug right underneath our fencing and into the chicken run where we kept an endless supply of delightful chicken feed for them to feast on, and boy were they feasting. We filled the holes with rocks and covered them with more chicken wire.  The next day they just made more. It cost $25 to ship the stupid thing.  I was so excited to get it all set up and watch my brilliant birds use their new feeder.
Poisoning rats puts the wildlife in your area at risk too, as owls and cats will readily eat a slowly moving poisoned rodent. This was not a risk we were willing to take.
At first I felt like we were finally going to get rid of them for good, but this war was far from over. We either had to find a new way to get rid of the rats, or live with them for the rest of eternity. Really getting rid of any access to food was the only thing that worked for us, I hope you can get rid of yours!
I just attached a flat piece of wood to the pedal (drilled a hole and attached with a screw) so they would have a bigger step pad.
Ferment your chicken feed and they won’t leave a crumb for any other creature to steal. You may want to read this other article I wrote for backyard chicken project, it has a few more tips in it. We tried peanut butter for awhile, but it was so messy, and every morning our traps would be shut, with no rodent inside, but the peanut butter licked clean.

There are lots of things that can be done to send them packing, looking for food and water elsewhere.
I made the inner can smaller by cutting it and making a new floor that the girls can reach. Plus all the added health benefits of fermented feed AND I know I’m saving at least 40% on my feed bill!
Our spaniel is driven mad by the possibility of actually catching something and it sickens me to think that i shall need to resort to professional strength poison unless you can think of anything else to try. Personally, I think treadle feeders are the key to keeping them from getting a free meal in the coop or run. The lid is made of plastic so if comes down, it won’t hurt them, but heavy enough to stay down and keep out rats and wild birds.
We came very close to buying some sonic sound rodent repellents because we heard they work wonders, but we tried the new feeding system instead and it worked so we never bought them. There is something that seems to work for a lot of farmers that isn’t poison per say, but does kill the rats.
You mix corn meal with plaster of paris, and when the rats eat it, they can’t digest it and die. It seems a bit cruel to me, but if it comes down to rats dying or your chickens dying, I’d chose the rats.

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