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A simple and effective solution to get rid of cockroaches for good and with no usage of chemicals is to get some bottle caps and fill them with 50% baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) and 50% powdered sugar.
I have wanted to write this Instructable for a long time but could not bear the thought of a photo of a roach. This is my first instructable, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!  After discovering a yellow jacket ground nest near our front door a few days ago, I decided to look up ways to get rid of these mean insects without the pesticides.
Ants can be nice as pets when they stay in their farm, but when they take over your living space it’s time to seek a remedy that will rid your home of them.

They fly around without buzzing, and are nearly invisible but these little black specks of annoyance get old really quick. You've arrived on this page because you are trying to figure out how to get rid of tiny black ants in your house. I think you get the idea from that sentence that I am just a little bit, somewhat, sort of, come to think of it, mildly, TERRIFIED of roaches. Do not fear, 'cause Domesticated Man and his sidekick Handy Hand have the answer for getting rid of those pesky ants!

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