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Fruit flies have one skill– being able to detect fruits and veggies from great distances. There are more stray food bits spattered around your kitchen than you realize, but unfortunately for you, the fruit flies do. Don’t delay in washing dirty dishes, as food remnants on them can act as a siren song to fruit flies.
Good luck, and be sure to leave any tricks you’ve found useful in taming the flies in the comments below! Long, sunny days, sand between your toes, freckles on the bridge of your nose, watermelon, corn on and cob, and–fruit flies.

Think of doing so as creating a feast for the flies and then sending them formal dinner invitations to boot.
If your produce is in a basket or bowl, employ a plate, a pan lid, a painting board or whatever will get the job done as a cover. We just had a major problem with these little boogers about a week ago and I was so frustrated and fed up with the situation I emptied my whole fridge and scrubbed down everything.
In the summer months fruit flies emerge from wherever they’ve been residing previously and make themselves right at home in yours.
They flit through the air all around, like little brown twinkle lights, but without the twinkle and with all the disgust of a hoard of tiny flies infiltrating your every food source.

Other relevant (and grotesque) facts: fruit flies lay eggs on the skin of ripe or fermenting fruits and veggies, and they can go from egg to adult in eight days.
Clean the sink thoroughly, making sure to clean around the drain itself, which can be a breeding ground (yuck, I couldn’t hardly manage to type that out) for fruit flies.

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