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The idea is that the flies will go into the paper funnel attracted to the vinegar and bananas and then not be able to get back out and eventually fall to their deaths in the slimy detergent-y liquid below. Find tons of cleaning and organizing tips and tricks from Cleaning In Between The Glass On Your Oven Door to making your own natural cleaning solutions from Mom 4 Real HERE! But for some reason this year they are fixated on our ceiling fan cords and the middle of the room.
At least one time every summer I realize we have a gnat problem, totally freak out and have to implement this tip. If it doesn’t get closed I will not be a happy camper because Bobby bug and his momma probably just brought their cousins with them to secure a new place in our house.
I found this idea on Pinterest last weekend at Passionate Homemaking and thought I’d try it out.
Some would go in the traps and crawl around on the glass but the little boogers would not die. We had such a mild winter (at least around here) that the bugs never really got a chance to get hibernated so they came back out with a bang.

He goes on bug killing rampages with his fly swatter and won’t stop til he gets them all.
And if the door is left open for any amount of time, there are loads of those little bugs around.
I didn’t have much confidence it would work either and was SO happy when a few got in there and then a few more. Well, no worries…everybody experiences a fruit fly infestation at some point in their lives, or if you are me, at least once a summer.
Sometimes, depending on his determination that day, it will only take a few minutes and other times it takes an hour. I assembled my trap and literally not even a minute after I clean up the area after assembling… I turn to see one of the pests walking along the top edge of the paper funnel. People that breed fruit flies and play with cultures say that they need to maintain humidity. They also come with any kind of ripe fruit that you may either leave out on your counter, or fruit that you’ve thrown in the trash.

I’m not sure how they find their way in your home, but if you have any of these things lying around, they will find you! I turned my back to put an item back in the freezer and turned to look back at the jar to see a second fly hovering around the mouth of the funnel. Now poke some holes in the top of the plastic wrap using a toothpick and make a small slit using a knife in the middle, so the gnats can get in…no worries, they won’t get back out! To keep them from coming back, be sure to rinse any glasses that had fruit juice or wine in them and either toss or store ripe fruit in the refrigerator!

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