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The first thing you need to understand is that these fruit flies or vinegar flies are like little soldiers trained to find fermenting fruit while being sneaky at that. So you see, whether it was from a batch of mangoes or bananas I got from the grocery, overripe fruits or drain in the apartment, as well as unwashed blender in the sink, I unknowingly welcomed those fruit flies to our home! And to get rid of those fruit flies, we’re simply making a vinegar trap using the said items above. Put food waste like fruit and vegetable peelings inside a plastic bag before throwing in your garbage can.
Fruits and veggies that you just bought from the grocery or just picked up from your garden may have hitch hikers named fruit flies!
Unwashed dishes in the sink left during the day (I’m guilty) can attract fruit flies.
The holes will serve as an entrance for the flies but they won’t be able to get out once they dip in the vinegar, due to the dishwashing liquid.
It's an online resource focused on style for- and around- the people, covering fashion, beauty, wellness, food, home, travel, tech and more. Yes, fruit flies, also known as vinegar flies or drosophila melanogaster in scientific terms.

Yes, they ride along with your fruits whether from the grocery or from your garden so you won’t know that you’ve welcomed them to your home with open arms! But if you don’t see and clean up spills and drops of food right away, they can attract fruit flies just as much as fruits can. But the reason I’m adding this is because the dishwashing liquid will help in keeping the flies at the bottom of the cider, making it denser.
I’ve found several different humane ways to get rid of flies inside the house and outside too!
Their easiest targets are bananas because when you get a piece and leave the stem part, you are leaving part of that fruit exposed and ready for them for the taking. That’s why it is important to pick your fruits and veggies before they get overripe in your garden. So even if you’ve discarded all the fruit in the kitchen, those fruit flies may already be hanging out and multiplying in your drain or trash bin!
How to Get Rid of Flies Since you may not have all of the items below, try what you have first, then if you want try the other ones, go ahead. One way or another, I knew fruit flies would come my way to try and get my fruits and veggies from me.

In fact, I didn’t even know there were a lot of vinegar flies overstaying at my home until I took action! Note that they find more difficulty with harder skinned fruits such as watermelon or big oranges so if you want to leave some fruits outside on the table, leave only those that are less susceptible to fruit flies and make sure they are not yet overripe. They may have been in contact with overripe fruits or vegetables that left moisture or juice on their skin, attracting fruit flies. Now that I got you worried, let me enumerate where these fruit flies come from or what attracts them to your home so you can avoid them!
This technique is probably only for a short term fix for getting rid of flies unless you eat fresh cucumbers every other day.

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