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Treating your home and your pets can help to control fleas, but if you have these pests in the yard, they’ll keep biting every time you go out. 3Apply a thin layer of diatomaceous earth everywhere in your yard where you suspect there are fleas.
The University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program suggests that you don’t need to treat your entire yard in most cases.
Diatomaceous earth must be reapplied if it gets too wet since its action depends on the fleas encountering the dry, abrasive particles.

Since nematodes are specific to the pests they control, ensure you get those that will attack fleas. They will usually prey on the fleas in your yard for about three months; if you still see fleas outside, repeat the application.
Treat only areas that have a significant number of fleas present, such as places where your pet spends time or areas that might sometimes harbor wild or feral animals.
In very humid areas you’ll get better control from beneficial nematodes than diatomaceous earth.

You may hesitate to apply a pesticide to your yard as some treatments seem to be worse than the original problem, and the side effects of pesticides can be rather scary.
Fortunately you can choose a safe, natural cure that will control fleas without causing any harm to pets or yard plants.

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