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Freshly ground black pepper is thought by many to be an effective way to get rid of garden ants naturally. If you have tried any other techniques besides the afore-mentioned ones, then please provide us with the details to enhance our knowledge bank along with our readers’. There are many species of ants which are dangerous but then there are also those who do good for your garden. Make a mixture of vinegar and water, with three parts of the former and one part of the latter.

But if garden ants have already infiltrated your garden, first use the vinegar-water spray to get rid of the garden ants naturally and then sprinkle chalk around your plants, once the area is clear of garden ants. Ants will start eating the corn meal and since they cannot digest it, they will start dying. Fire ants are dangerous on one hand, whereas carpenter ants can cause damage to structures. Ants will not dare to cross this line or boundary and this eventually means, there will be no damage caused to your garden and your plants.

If you cannot put up with killing ants, then put some honey hear a tree to so they can relocate there.

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